Food Waste disposal unit repairs, in London and surrounding areas

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Waste Disposal Unit Info

This is the easy way to deal with food waste disposal. Fitted easily and discreetly under the sink, a waste     disposal unit effortlessly grinds food waste into tiny particles that are automatically flushed away down a     kitchen   drain into the local waste treatment system.

The benefit of having a waste disposal unit is that food waste is dealt with instantly, hygienically and     environmentally.

A waste disposal unit liquidises the waste in seconds, rather than leaving it ina bin to encourage smells and     bacteria.

A waste disposal unit offers practical contemporary convenience whilst cutting down on household waste.

5. The hidden appliance that helps to reduce the country’s landfill waste.

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Food Waste Disposers supply and fit any make and models of waste disposal unit.

London: 0207 483 1616
Outer London: 01923 835559
Mobile: 07967 366891

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